Dead Men Tell No Tales

So it’s a good thing that I am neither dead nor a man.

Disclaimer and warning to all ye who enter here: this is an experiment, and so like most of my experiments it will probably end in failure, with a whimper. But while it still lives and breathes, I’m planning for this place to be a dumping ground for my thoughts on the media I find myself consuming. Basically, where I get to pretend people want to hear my opinions on TV shows, books, and movies.

A crash course in the girl¬†behind the blog: English Literature Major. Arizona State University. Twenty years under the belt. Incurable nerd. Hopeless Romantic (of the gothic-18th-century-European-sublime-terror-supernatural-obsessed variety). Really likes using the word “aesthetic.”¬†Aquarius. Weak for bad puns.

So that covers that. Feels a bit like shouting into a void at this point, but who knows, there might be others out there equally interested in long critical analyses of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, religious parallels in popular television, or one of the various equally embarrassing rants I have in my arsenal.